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The motor third party liability compulsory insurance

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About the compulsory insurance

Your wallet would choose LD! Save by taking out the compulsory insurance for a year - 10 calls for technical roadside assistance for EUR 0. Read the service terms and conditions.

What can you insure with the compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance?  

The insurance will cover the cost in case the following is damaged/ injured during the accident caused by the driver:

• Driver of the damaged car and passengers in your or another car;

• Another person's car;

• Property and extra equipment in the damaged car during the accident;   

• Other objects, such as traffic lights, traffic signs, fences, etc.

When we receive a payment approval notice from the bank, we will immediately send you the following insurance documents by email:  insurance policy, insurance agreement and accident declaration (if you have chosen a green card, we will send it by mail).

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